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Dec. 14th, 2014 03:22 am
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Breeder Saber wants to fight!
A king is not human.
One cannot protect the people with human emotions.
She kept that oath strictly.
She settled every problem and worked hard in government affairs.
She balanced the country without any deviations and punished people without a single mistake.

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[ Another season has passed, hasn't it? Having left the world for over a year, she's not even sure what age she should claim to be by this point. Twenty-seven? Twenty-eight? Perhaps if she was fortunate, this would be the year for a growth spurt. It was tiresome to be confused for a younger maiden and at the same time, she felt a kind of joy in it. A guilty pleasure, perhaps? Emotions were too difficult for the Distant King to understand at times. ]

Quiet celebrations are nice.
Having discovered that, is there any within Cianwood City that could use a free meal for the day?
I do not wish to dine alone.